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Monetise Anything as a Service (XaaS)

apiculus™ CSP enables cloud service providers to set up and manage their cloud business. apiculus™ facilitates infrastructure management as well as helps drive a 360-degree online customer engagement.

apiculus cloud service monetisation xaas saas paas iaas customer lifecycle management automation governance

Features at a glance

Anything as a Service

Sell SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS – everything from a single platform.

Workflow Automation

Automate key approval and deployment workflows using our process builder.

Own and Brokered Stacks

Sell own infrastructure and software stack, or drive cloud brokerage sales.

Billing & Support

Achieve the entire customer lifecycle from sales to support and subscriptions.

SaaS Marketplace

Sell own or third party apps and cloud services on our marketplace.


Get deep intelligence and insights on technology and business drivers.


Build and sell a comprehensive suite of cloud services from a single integrated platform.

Sell Own or 3rd-party Cloud and IoT Services

As a CSP, use the platform to sell your own Infrastructure services as well as broker 3rd party infrastructure services like AWS and Azure. Apiculus can also be used as a platform to run a SaaS marketplace and sell global SaaS products.

Deliver Homogenous Customer Experiences

Build a 360-degree customer engagement and drive all digital services from a single platform. Single platform, single UI, multiple services.

Manage Direct Sales as well as Resellers

Resellers are critical for driving sales and our platform not only supports regular resellers but also allows 100% white-labelling of the platform to large partners.

Automate All Business Workflows

Strong customisable workflow automation engine that adapts to the CSP’s existing business processes for customer lifecycle management both in pre-sales and post-sales.

Complete Control on Product Offerings

Get complete flexibility to adapt the catalog as per your needs. Build customer specific catalogs, bundle across services and optimise for upselling, cross-selling and renewals.

Deep Business and Customer Analytics

We do not stop at providing static business data. We use complex data science to build predictive models that dynamically assess data to provide real business intelligence.

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