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Enterprise Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

rack is a turnkey services and support stack for enterprises and cloud businesses, offering cloud design, deployment, management and consulting solutions. rack delivers a fully integrated tech stack for enterprises to deploy and manage private, public and hybrid cloud workloads.

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Public-Private Cloud Marriage

We understand how public cloud features make private clouds work faster, and how private cloud considerations make public clouds more secure and compliant. rack offers the best marriage between the two to deliver an enterprise-grade multi=cloud workload.

  • Scale and replicate multi-cloud workloads.
  • Cloud design that primes on speed, security, reliability and compliance.
  • 30% lower TCO compared to proprietary stacks.
  • Completely analytics and devops-ready with containers, workbenches, notebooks and CI/CD stacks.
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High Availability and Guaranteed Performance

Unlike private clouds that run known workloads, public clouds for IaaS need to be architected carefully to ensure long-term performance and scalability. Our experience of having designed some of the most complex clouds in production ensures that your cloud scales without hiccups as it grows, and is highly available at all times.

  • High availability and reliability built into our design DNA.
  • Monitor every event, incident and breach.
  • Dedicated management stacks for governance and infrastructure management.
  • SDN and tiered storage for guaranteed performance and scale.

Integrated Service Offering

rack delivers a turnkey service paradigm using automated deployment, monitoring, analytics as well as customer support to provide you with maximum process efficiency and a single-point SLA.

  • Automate resource provisioning, configuration and change management.
  • Deep insights and real-time threat management with integrated monitoring and analytics tools.
  • Fully managed services that are backed with strong SLAs to eliminate support hassles.
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Hands-on Advisory and Consultative Support

rack builds on providing end-to-end support for cloud management, support as well as sales and pre-sales enablement. We believe we are partners in your cloud journey, and are only happy to help.

  • Hands-on technical training to L1 teams.
  • Workshops and educative programmes for cloud management teams.
  • Sales and pre-sales enablement for product and practice teams.
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