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Private Cloud as a Service

Resilient, Redundant and Scalable Cloud to Go.

Why rack- Private Cloud as a Service?



Get the highest level of security over your network, data and access controls. rack -private cloud as a service offers a ground-up secure infrastructure that meets top-down security requirements.


Lower TCO

Highly scalable and efficient infrastructure which has 30% lower total cost of ownership when compared with VMware based cloud. Run your business critical workloads on private cloud with fully licensed software. Get compliant and save costs.


Managed Service

24×7 infra managed services and NOC centre, infra health monitoring and monthly incident reports with virtualisation, networking and security support. Single window support for end customer/app dev and a lot more with IndiQus’s Private Cloud Solutions.


Uptime Guaranteed

IndiQus will deliver 99.9% uptime availability on the private cloud network services to customers. Our private cloud offering comes with upto 60,000+ guaranteed IOPS for storage along with bespoke and standalone configurations.

rack – Features


Fully scalable clustered architecture.
10Gbps port availability to scale servers without having to add switching.
10-15% RAM/CPU/Storage headroom for immediate/emergency upgrade of resources.
High-end firewall at DC site to take care of high internet traffic.
Virtually unlimited internet bandwidth.


(n+1) redundant compute, network and storage.
Dual power source for all devices.
Multi-path last miles for internet and P2P uplinks.
Fully distributed work load for each traffic type.
Storage to storage replication between DC-DR sites.


Solution design with no single point of failure.
High end processors with low VM density on hosts.
All SSD flash storage on 12Gbps multi-pathing.
Low failure domain in case of a multi-device failures.


Large in-memory L1 caching.
60,000+ available and guaranteed IOPS.
Wire speed top of the line switching for lowest latency.
Super fast east-west (guest) and storage traffic.
Near realtime replication to DR site(s).


Fully licensed Microsoft and VMware software.
Fully licensed storage and switching with all functions available.
Edge firewall with IPS, IDS and other UTM features.
Business continuity plan with fully functional DR site and data/VM replication.


24×7 infra managed services and NOC centre.
Infra health monitoring and monthly incident reports.
L1-L2 OS/DB/hypervisor support and L3 OEM interfacing.
Consultancy services for service improvement.
On demand VM creation/upgrades with minimum TAT.
Single window support for end customer/app dev.

Want to understand pricing?

Private clouds give great ownership benefits at scale