Private Cloud Cost Calculator

Estimate Cost of Hosting Your Own Private Cloud

Private clouds are best suited for datacenters and enterprises with high volume infrastructure. Our private cloud cost calculator gives you a monthly ballpark based on your compute, storage, bandwidth, firewall and load balancer requirements.

Step 1: Choose a Service Level

Choose Your Network, Hosting and Services Plan

Step 2: Specify Compute & Network Requirements

Choose Number of vCPU Cores
Choose RAM/Memory

Step 3: Specify Storage Requirements

Specify SSD Disk Size in TB (enter 0 if you don’t need an SSD disk)
Specify Snapshot Storage Size in TB (enter 0 if you don’t need snapshot storage)

Step 4: Add Other Items

Specify Internet Bandwidth in MBps (enter 0 if you don’t need internet bandwidth)
Switch ON if you need a Firewall
Switch ON if you need a Load Balancer
Total Monthly Estimate

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