What is Docker Registry?

A Docker Registry is an open-source system for storage and distribution of named Docker images. A docker image stored in the registry may have several different versions that are usually identified by their tags. A Docker registry is arranged into Docker repositories. Each Docker repository houses all different versions of a particular Docker image. A Docker registry can be interacted with using specific commands. A Docker pull command is used to retrieve images from a registry. Similarly, a Docker push command is used for pushing new images to a registry.

Points to Remember

  • A commercial version of Docker registry is offered by the Docker, Inc. called Docker Trusted Registry (DTR). DTR is enterprise-grade image storage and distribution solution available as an add-on to the Docker Enterprise suite.
  • Running a Docker registry is considered an ideal solution for supporting continuous integration (CI) [link to #3.9] and conditions delivery [link to #3.7] systems. Furthermore, it is an efficient way of distributing Docker images in an isolated environment or on a large group of machines.