What is DaaS?

DevOps as a Service (DaaS) is a software and application development approach where a third-party entity provides an organisation with a DevOps [link to #4.5] environment. It is a delivery model consisting a stack of tools and frameworks for promoting collaboration between developers and other IT professionals of an organisation. The primary goal of DaaS is to create an efficient DevOps environment. DaaS ensures that every aspect of software development and deployment can be easily tracked, enabling development and operations teams to achieve desired goals such as continuous integration [link to #3.9] and continuous delivery [link to #3.7].

Points to Remember

  • DaaS is usually associated with cloud-based development functions. It helps organisations to migrate some of their development resources to the cloud. Since all necessary tools are hosted as a single stack in a cloud that can be accessed from anywhere, it becomes easier to establish collaborations.
  • An ideal DaaS improves monitoring, management and reporting capabilities of an organisation. It also encourages the development process to be more flexible towards the market, enabling developers to easily incorporate new changes as the market demands.