What is Cloud Monetisation?

Cloud Monetisation refers to the process of adding a revenue model to cloud provisioning. It is a common method of deriving value from cloud services. As the cloud computing industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, cloud monetisation has become both a challenge and a necessity for cloud providers, to deliver quality cloud services while keeping the business risks low. Monetising a cloud service can ensure the long term sustainability of the cloud business [link to #2.4] and help in creating market differentiation.

Points to Remember

1.There are a number of factors a cloud service provider must consider while monetising the cloud. Such as:

  • Investment
  • Contract duration
  • Service quality
  • Quantity and age of resources
  • Maintenance and other costs
  • Local billing support [link to #5.7]

    2. A cloud service provider (CSP) [link to #2.10] can implement either a fixed pricing model or a dynamic pricing model also known as the pay-as-you-go model. However, regardless of the pricing model, cloud monetisation should ideally be transparent, easy to understand, and consumer demand & consumption behaviour oriented.