What is Cloud Brokerage?

Cloud Brokerage, Cloud Broker or Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) is a role performed by an entity that provides intermediary services in the cloud business model. A CSB functions as a negotiator between cloud service providers [link to #2.10]  and cloud service consumers. The task of cloud brokerage may include managing the use, integration and performance of cloud services. 

According to Daryl Plummer, VP and Gartner Fellow, Forbes: “A cloud services brokerage is a third party company that adds value to cloud services on behalf of cloud service consumers.”

Points to Remember

  • A Cloud Services Brokerage perform three key roles:
    • Aggregation Brokerage 
    • Integration Brokerage
    • Customisation Brokerage
  • Cloud brokerage provide Integration between several cloud offerings. As a result, consumers have access to better opportunities for cloud portability; thus, reducing dependency on a specific cloud vendor.
  • Due to continuous advancement and evolution of cloud computing, the integration of cloud services has become extremely complex. In the present scenario, a CSB can be an ideal solution to ease the workload and manage cloud services efficiently.