Case Study

Cloud Business Transformation for Telecom Provider in Oman

ClientLarge telecom provider in Oman

The objective was to help the telco venture into cloud business and become a cloud service provider.

IndiQus’s Role

Our broad delivery scope consisted of the following:

  • Plan, build and run IaaS & SaaS platform architecture for the telco.
  • Defining the service for both enterprise and SMB segments with processes and responsibilities.
  • Enablement of IaaS and SaaS for public/private and hybrid cloud.
  • Deployment and promoting of self-service provisioning.
  • Collaborating with partner to develop services compliant with Oman’s regulatory environment.
  • Integration with the client’s existing OSS/BSS, CRM for user data and billing & payment transaction portability.
  • Migration of existing VPS environment into the cloud.
  • Training with respect to marketing communication, service delivery and partner management.
Key Challenges
  • Differentiation of IaaS – IaaS continues to be commoditised. It is in infrastructure’s fate to be a commodity and that poses the challenge of differentiation of one IaaS. Enterprises and service providers can still differentiate based on reliability, service availability and security.
  • IaaS as the Enabler – Another key challenge for Indiqus was to make sure that IaaS service by the client only acts as the enabler for cloud adoption of the client’s customers. Because it is easier for enterprises to move to cloud IaaS, it is in PaaS and SaaS where real growth lies for service providers.
  • Complex and Static IaaS Layers –IaaS layers needed to be simple and dynamic with the ability to manoeuver and change IaaS platform for the service provider with the demands of the customers. Complex and static IaaS layers restrict the growth for service providers.

We leveraged existing tools, people and processes and created a framework that symbiotically embedded itself in the existing ecosystem.

How we succeeded
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  • Unified Self-Service Portal- IndiQus delivered a single portal which enabled the client to manage SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The portal also enables the provider to manage customer accounts from the same portal.
  • Data Residency and Localised Billing – With our solution, the service provider was also able to overcome challenges around data residency and localised billing.
  • Reduced Cloud TCO –With our integrated platform approach, and the use of open-source hypervisor and orchestration layers, we were able to bring the TCO down by over 30%.

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