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Cloud business consulting and solutions for enterprises and service providers.

Service Provider

Large Cloud Service Provider (India)

Cloud Size: 5000+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus designed & delivered the cloud architecture for a new cloud service by India’s largest telecom provider, which involved integration of Citrix Cloud Platform and Cloud Platform Business Management for its test phase. Furthermore, IndiQus developed the web front-end apiculus and successfully integrated it with the provider’s existing ERP, CRM and billing system for transaction portability.

Datahub (Nepal)

Cloud Size: 1000+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus designed the cloud architecture as well as the storage, compute & virtualisation platform. Furthermore, we also integrated Apache CloudStack to provide a graphical web interface to create VMs on custom templates & ISOs. IndiQus delivered a multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service cloud management platform along with a cloud orchestration layer, giving automation of the creation, provisioning and configuration of virtual machines & high performance storage.

Telecom Provider (Sri Lanka)

Cloud Size: 2000+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus designed & delivered the cloud architecture based on the business objectives of Sri Lanka’s largest telco. The engagement involved integration of Citrix-ready solutions with the cloud in addition to development of connectors for other ISVs for integration with Citrix SSP. Furthermore, IndiQus developed the web front-end portal and also integrated it with the telco’s existing OSS/BSS, CRM and billing system for transaction portability.

Large Telecom Provider (Oman)

Cloud Size: 1000+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus designed & deployed telco’s public cloud from its data centres in Oman. The cloud platform delivers key services namely – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for public cloud; full feature OSS-BSS platform with essential plugins; cloud security & advanced SIEM integration; online portal for retail & enterprise sales; integration with existing virtualised infrastructure. Additionally, IndiQus also engages on continual business engagement & sales enablement.


Oxigen Services (India)

Cloud Size: 200+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus designed & deployed a new compute cluster with KVM as Hypervisor at Oxigen Services. Additionally, for management of the entire IT infrastructure, IndiQus implemented Apache CloudStack in the DR site. It also involved integration of the existing IBM and Dell Compute Nodes and NetApp Storage solution – integration of Netapp Storage as a primary storage pool to the existing CloudStack deployment. Furthermore, IndiQus deployed CloudByte Elastistor SDS solution built on generic storage hardware.

Meritnation (India)

Cloud Size: 300+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus built a private cloud for Meritnation using open-source XenServer virtualisation and Apache CloudStack cloud orchestration software. We also deployed CloudByte Elastistor SDS solution built on generic storage hardware, which involved upgrading 10G switching hardware from Arista/Juniper. As per Meritnation’s requirement, the existing Dell storage & switches were deployed for secondary storage and DR backup at off-site location. The entire setup was hosted in the Meritnation selected datacenter(s).

Large Video PaaS Provider (India)

Cloud Size: 300+ Containers on AWS
IndiQus designed & deployed the customer’s container environment on AWS EC2. This involved creating the underlying VPC and then the Container environment on top of it. The underlying IaaS environment is monitored through Zabbix, and the container environment is monitored using Prometheus and Grafana. By going with a managed container environment on EC2 instead of EKS (Container PaaS offering of AWS), customer reduced their AWS monthly bill by 40%. We also deployed an IAM framework and integrated it with customer’s LDAP.

Loyalty Solutions Provider (India)

Cloud Size: 500+ Virtual Machines
IndiQus built a hybrid cloud for this customer with a multi-hypervisor architecture. Customer is running his mission-critical workloads on Esxi and other workloads on XenServer virtualization. Apache CloudStack cloud orchestration software is being used to manage both environments and provide a single pane of glass. We also integrated to environment with Oracle RAC, and help the customer set up a public cloud environment on Netmagic cloud.


Large Airline (Middle East)

Cloud Size: 100+ Aero Applications
IndiQus ran a 6-month consulting project for the airline with the objective of transforming their legacy enterprise stack to an enterprise private cloud. We did a complete audit of the “as-is state” of over 100 applications running on a mix of baremetal and virtualised servers, and created a cloud roadmap to move 80% of the environment to a hybrid cloud architecture. Once completely executed, the client would realise 30% lower TCO with improved application availability and significantly reduced turn-around times to the business.

Largest Airport Operator (India)

Cloud Size: 40+ Airports
IndiQus are responsible for the complete cloud transformation of the airport application stack. The client engagement started with a comprehensive application and stack audit, followed by re-architecture of the infrastructure architecture with a view to adopting a “cloudified” approach to infrastructure. We continue to be engaged as the technology consultant and MSI, responsible for the successful transformation of the project.  The client intends to extend this design to 40+ airports that it operates/going to operate globally.

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