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Start your Microsoft Azure Cloud journey with IndiQus

Our services excellence and cloud track record enables you to run complex workloads using Azure Cloud Platform. We manage your infrastructure, provision servers, and configure networks leveraging Azure Cloud Platform complete cloud ecosystem, while your business can spend more time doing what it does best.

Azure Cloud Solutions at a glance
Virtual machine


Windows or Linux machines on the cloud, pay only for usage. Highly scalable infrastructures runs HA VM’s in minutes. Containerize your apps using Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS), host microservices with just one command.

Microsoft Azure Storage


Secure & Scalable storage by Azure Cloud, Azure protects your data infrastructure. Meet compliance and privacy requirements and serve your apps and workloads globally. Blob for scalable & Secure storage of unstructured data.

Virtual Network


Connect On Prem with the Cloud. Balance connection requests to your app or workload using load balancer. Protect your Azure applications from the impacts of DDoS attacks. Comes with native firewalling, high availability, scalability and zero maintenance.

Stream Analytics

Big Data

Process vast amounts of data from your enterprise apps and workloads and analyze them. Get the insights you need to deliver right experience. Be efficient in everything you do, uncover insights burried deep within you data.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Browser based simple click and drag interface. Go from idea to training in couple of clicks. Azure Machine Learning Studio, a GUI-based integrated development environment for constructing and operationalizing machine learning workflows.

Management console

Management Tools

Manage and govern your hybrid cloud infrastructure with tools built in Azure, Keep your resources secure and compliant. Monitor your infrastructure and workloads, update apps, analyze threats and patch them. Automate operations tasks. Flexible & visible costs.


Developer Tools

Get from ideation to production faster with Azure DevOps, lets you collaborate and ship faster with modern dev services, Test your apps with Azure. Create, host, and share packages with your team, and add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click.

Access Control

Identity & Security

Azure Identity and access management solution. Protect your apps from malicious login attempts, and store your credentials safely. Create, Edit or manage users based on policies, restrict access and personalize different users within your organization.

Get the most out of Azure Cloud with IndiQus

Our Excellence
cloud transformation consulting solutioning architecture design deployment

Cloud Transformation

From solutioning to deployment, we are the go-to for all things cloud.

professional services managed sla migration design disaster recovery business continuity workshops

Professional Services

We have fully equipped teams for professional and managed services.

management support hybrid soc noc network security operations

Support Management

We offer a single SLA for all L1, NOC, SOC and other cloud support.

data engineering big analytics machine learning artificial intelligence pipeline ingestion

Data Engineering

We orchestrate pipelines to run complex AI, ML and big data workloads.

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