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Our services excellence and cloud track record enables you to run complex workloads using Amazon Web Services for Enterprises. We manage your infrastructure, provision servers, and configure networks leveraging Amazon’s complete cloud ecosystem, while your business can spend more time doing what it does best.

Amazon Web Services at a glance


Amazon Elastic Compute provides secure, scalable and efficient compute capacity in the cloud. Built for scale, easy for developers, Run yourworkloads on the cloud and pay for what you use.



Amazon’s Elastic Block storage for persistent local storage, run database workloads in form of NoSQL. Elastic File System for Content delivery networks, S3 buckets for simple data storage, access from anywhere in the world.



Isolate your cloud network, secure networks that work along with Amazon Load balacing. Works with physical network in your organization. Run CDN’s. Ability to isolate cloud resources comes with Virtual private cloud.


Big Data

Import data from on prem storage to data lakes, Analyze your data. Employ machine learning algorithms to forecast future outcomes. Amazon EMR to process vast amounts of data in an affordable, easy and secure way.


Machine Learning

Fully managed Machine learning. Amazon SageMaker enables enterprises and developers to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models with broad framework support, one click training and tuning.


Management Tools

Manage AWS Cloud easily, provision, monitor and automate components of your cloud infrastucture. Monitor and view your resources and automate tasks such as patching, Use Cloudtrail to log user activities, Collect and track metrics.


Developer Tools

AWS + DevOps for developers to deliver projects quickly. secure, store and version control code, build and test your apps on the AWS Infra. Test, deployment, and operations of their services, DevOps becomes easier with AWS.

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Identity & Security

Use Amazon IAM to manage and create users, assign roles. Amazon Organizations to offer policy based roles and accounts. AWS Certificate Manager to easily provision, manage amd deploy Security (SSL/TLS) certificates.

Get the most out of Amazon Web Services with IndiQus

Our Excellence
cloud transformation consulting solutioning architecture design deployment

Cloud Transformation

From solutioning to deployment, we are the go-to for all things cloud.

professional services managed sla migration design disaster recovery business continuity workshops

Professional Services

We have fully equipped teams for professional and managed services.

management support hybrid soc noc network security operations

Support Management

We offer a single SLA for all L1, NOC, SOC and other cloud support.

data engineering big analytics machine learning artificial intelligence pipeline ingestion

Data Engineering

We orchestrate pipelines to run complex AI, ML and big data workloads.

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