Build an Edge Cloud Business with apiculus®

apiculus® combines the power of open-source, the security of private clouds and the scaleability of public clouds into a single-window, cloud operations and monetisation solution.

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apiculus® at a Glance

Monetise Multi-cloud Resources

With a cloud marketplace at its core, apiculus® enables service providers to create and monetise a diverse portfolio of virtualisation, apps and platform. Monetise own and third-party stacks, platforms and resources on public, private and hybrid clouds.
Deploy and sell your own solutions on private and hybrid clouds.
Works with Amazon, Google and Microsoft public clouds.
Manage and monetise own or third-party SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and XaaS resources.

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Automate the Customer Journey

apiculus® enables the complete capturing of customer/subscriber journeys, giving multiple modalities to manage the customer lifecycle. Create self-signup, guided signup or backend-signup workflows – and the same for resource provisioning. Automate customer onboarding and build governance models using apiculus®.
Multiple governance models for customer onboarding and resource lifecycles.
Create customer engagement touchpoints to drive a 360-degree experience.
Define and automate account suspension, restriction and termination rules.

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Rating, Mediation and Billing

apiculus® comes with a built-in solution to rate, mediate and bill customer on usage data records. Our billing engine also acts as a single touchpoint for managing subscriptions modelled in an ‘as-a-service’ (XaaS) fashion. Modelled around IaaS, PaaS and SaaS billing patterns, the apiculus® billing system combines the flexibility of modern-day subscription billing and traditional enterprise delivery models using resellers and white-labels.
Supports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and one-time billing models, with usage data acuity of up to a minute.
Create subscription models for legacy as well as modern applications.
Localised catalogues, taxation and currency support.

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Monitor Infrastructure and Cloud Health

Keep a tab on your infrastructure health via reports from the underlying orchestration and physical infrastructure systems. apiculus® gives service providers a single SLA for managing the cloud business.
Get a snapshot and reports on infrastructure and cloud health, licensing and the cloud business backend.
Manage L1 tasks, and offload all L2/L2+ to apiculus® support, under a single SLA.
Get monthly infrastructure, incident and SLA reports for management reviews.

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apiculus® for Subscribers

Complete Service and Cloud Operations Management

For subscribers, apiculus® is a single-touchpoint service management portal. apiculus® enables cloud operations to be performed on infrastructure offered virtually by service providers or any 3rd party app or service that the provider wishes to offer.


apiculus® automates the entire provisioning flow for all marketplace resources.


apiculus® enables subscribers to perform operations on all provisioned resources.


With monitoring built-in, apiculus® gives a complete grip on resource, technical and financial utilisation.

And Do More

For anything else, apiculus® offers seamless login to the underlying vendor portal.

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How it works

Open source + Open standards + Smart technology

Do More With the Autoscale Extension

Automation using simple if-this-then-that rules and workflows

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Historical Virtual Machine Monitoring

The apiculus® autoscale extension allows for multiple visualisations and date range selections for virtual machine monitoring. Subscribers can view utilisation as a 24-hour timescale or as daily aggregates over custom date ranges.

Time-based Workflows and Schedules

With the apiculus® autoscale extension, subscribers can configure time-based actions to be automated. apiculus® autoscale extension supports daily, weekly and monthly schedules, as well as point-in-time actions. Dealing with predictable spikes in traffic can never be easier.

Event-based Workflows and Autoscale

Handle unpredictable workloads and spikes by using event-based automation. The apiculus® autoscale extension lets subscribers define triggers on CPU and RAM utilisation and configure autoscale to execute up or down based on threshold breaches.


Simple, transparent pricing

We have a single pricing model that gives you transparency and lets you calculate your cloud costs.

* starting from
^ does not include the apiculus® autoscale extension


per physical core *


apiculus® Standard ^
24x7 support
Single SLA

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