Data-driven Cost Optimisation and Cloud Management

apiculus™ Converge is a multi-cloud smart orchestration platform for enterprise businesses to automate cloud governance workflows using real-time data. With the primary goal of unifying technology and business functions for an organisation, Converge is an all-inclusive product for cloud monitoring, automation and cloud cost optimisation across multi-cloud workloads.

Features at a glance

Multi-cloud Workload Management

Work with any virtual machine, any service provider, any cloud. Converge is provider agnostic.

Unified Reporting of Tech and Business

Cloud resource utilisation, seen from multiple business perspectives of regions, business units, projects and users.

Completely Modernised Stack Support

Full support for containers, configuration managers, CI/CD as well as legacy and private clouds.

Parametric Workload Benchmarking

Machine learning and artificial intelligence to benchmark patterns to give the best recommendations on cloud economics.

Automation and Smart Orchestration

Automated chains of action based on time-based and event-based triggers, from simple alerts to resource auto-scaling.

Projections, Scenarios and Forecasts

Predictive modelling for forecasts and scenarios to give visibility into how cloud size and costs of ownership stack up in near, mid and long terms.

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