Manage Virtual Machine Workloads Using Data and Intelligence: With apiculus/Converge

July 29, 2019 in Cloud Computing

Manage Virtual Machine Workloads Using Data and Intelligence: With apiculus/Converge

The success of any major enterprise today hinges on its capability to leverage and manage the data it generates during its life cycle. Cloud technologies – virtual machines, containers, and more are the most effective way to reduce IT expenses and manage data. The cloud enhances efficiency on the one hand and provides agility to the businesses of all sizes on the other. Businesses today have to survive in a market that rewards anyone with superior insights into their data. Technologies like virtualization assist in unleashing scalability, flexibility and helps in reducing cost savings. They provide further advantages via workload mobility, better performance, automated operations and greater availability of resources.

A recent research shows that data-centered organizations are twenty three times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain those customers, and nineteen times as likely to be profitable as a result.

Organisations face a fair amount of challenges in the process of managing their workloads. The ever increasing volume and diversity of data is useless unless it is integrated with other data and changed into insights that assist management in furthering its objectives. The primary requirement for any business, therefore, is data storage and management to make use of the data and make decisions. Additionally, consequential asks – such as workload migration, automation, resource provisioning, and an overall optimisation of setups are all equally significant if an enterprise is looking to make the most of its data.

Cloud computing solutions come to the rescue of organisations in such cases. They provide complete warehousing solutions for streamlining the processes, enabling implementation of real time analytics.  Whether it’s inventory management, or pricing solutions or going for HR operations, Data and AI are helping these firms manage risk and profits and improve efficiency. Take for example the digitization of customer interactions that can provide aeons of information to further develop strategy, sales, marketing and product development.

Analytics, of course, plays a crucial role by assisting teams with reporting. Analytical dashboards can identify data correlations that offer managers detailed information for performing cost valuations, peer benchmarking and price segmentation. There’s no shortage of options on that front for users seeking these tools and services.

IndiQus’ 360-degree cloud solutions are designed to empower organisations to strategically use the full potential of the cloud. In addition to our core focus on cloud products, we deliver auditing, consulting, design, deployment and management services for enterprises and business running on the cloud. IndiQus tailors itself to unique customer requirements by relying on combinations of public and private clouds, seamlessly transforming businesses and helping them manage their workloads.

We build clouds that scale according to the growth of the organisation, while retaining high availability throughout. On these lines, the IndiQus team has built products like apiculus and Converge that function as self-sufficient solution in themselves to meet the requirements of the organisation as well as cloud operators.


A service management and monetisation platform for cloud service providers, apiculus is a digital platform that enables them to set up and manage their cloud operations. Facilitating infrastructure management, it helps drive 360-degree online customer engagement. Users can create self-service accounts after multi-factor verification. 

The apiculus dashboard is where all its services can be leveraged to ensure the health of your cloud, including infrastructure, billing subscriptions and services. 

apiculus is a fairly capable tool with a capacity for supporting a wide range of scenarios and needs. It provides:

  1. Comprehensive service management for its infra stack and apiculus stack. 
  2. L1 service management for the integration of stacks with secure redirection to the vendor portal.
  3. The ability to add or remove resources from within apiculus. 
  4. Automated resource provisioning for all supporting services- whether buying a pack of 5 backup agents or adding a new VM.  
  5. A diverse catalogue with multi=cloud platform support and one-click  provisioning for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and XaaS.

Get to know apiculus better here.


Converge is our network monitoring and autoscale product for enterprise businesses, to manage virtual machine workloads using data and intelligence. Whether it’s providing a complete overview of VM vitals or detailed utilisation graphs and historical data up to 90 days, Converge also defines and runs time-based and event-based workflows. Automation of scale in/out on schedules or autoscale groups and creation of alerts and notifications on a host of parameters. 

  • Converge empowers its clients by providing super easy and intuitive form-driven UI for creating automation workflows. 
  • It also creates scheduled or autoscale events based on workflows. 
  • A simple ‘if-this-then-that’ triggers and actions to further divide workflows. 

In addition to these current set of functions, the IndiQus team also intends to bring several more useful features in future, such as:

  • Monitoring and automation of workloads across multiple cloud providers.
  • Cost analytics to keep track of cloud costs and correlate with respect to spends.  workload utilisation 
  • Through a recommendation system, it would ensure that intelligent recommendations management reach the organisations. workload 

Together, apiculus and Converge are essentials for customers looking to automate customer onboarding, and account management, billing, and optimise resource utilisation. The two manage customer experience and customer service, monitor infrastructure and cloud health to provide a 360-degree solution to clients.