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Big data analytics for data-driven organisations

Dartboard is a big data analytics solution for data-first startups and enterprises. Dartboard enables businesses to run end-to-end, cross-functional analytics and data science workloads and define data-driven actionability based on historical and predictive insights.

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Build Data Pipelines

We enable near-realtime data ingestion into enterprise data lakes. Integrate your app stack, ESB and message queues without worrying about ETL and data pre-processing.

  • Framework-agnostic architecture, works with or without Hadoop.
  • Integrate with private, public or hybrid cloud storage buckets.
  • Ingestion and pipelining using fully open-source service stacks.
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Cut the Silos

Dartboard helps bring all data in one place so that teams can run analytics workloads across functions – no more data silos.

  • Create business intelligence with a holistic approach.
  • Build insightful dashboards and visualisations to understand correlations within your data.
  • Move seamlessly from data lakes to data marts and to analytical data sets.

Data Models that Scale

Prototype, build, deploy and scale data models around big data and machine learning.

  • Scribble statistical models with Jupyter notebooks.
  • Connect with Python, R, Javascript – your choice of language.
  • Scale as you move from workbench to production.
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Integrate and Send

Bring your own visualisation toolkit, and consumption channels – we enable integrations with open-source and commercial libraries and platforms.

  • Send analysed data to CRM, ERP or automation platforms.
  • Integrate with on-premise, on-cloud and on-web apps.
  • Use visualisation tools of your own choice.
How it Works
dartboard big data analytics machine learning artificial intelligence

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